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WordPress Importer is a powerful and accurate content generation utility for WordPress blogs. You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly. High speed, multi-threaded, and accurate data generation – directly saves data to WordPress WXR file.

It’s a must-have tool for any developer or freelancer who wants to bulk import data from CSV or Excel file into WordPress in no-time. It can be used to import posts, pages, menus, attachments, custom posts, and so on.

wordpress importer excel to post

With WordPress Importer, you can manage multiple WordPress projects (WXRs), import data from several data sources, support for custom posts/fields, preview data before uploading into WordPress, source to target(WP) fields mapping, Split large WXR file into smaller pieces to avoid timeout issues while importing and much more.


You can turn your Excel, CSV, or XML data sources into WordPress database instantly. Using WordPress Importer you can,

  1. Turn Excel/CSV/XML into WordPress Database
  2. Generate Blog Content Quickly and Easily
  3. Work in Isolated Mode (No connectivity required)
  4. Build Demo Data for WordPress themes
  5. Generate Test Data for Blog Testing
  6. Split Large Data file into smaller chunks (WXR) for Easy Import – Avoid Timeout Issues
  7. Quickly Import Demo/Test Data into WordPress
  8. Clean Dashboard & Multilingual Support
  9. Copy entire or partial content to another site
  10. Support for Post, Page, Category, Tags and Feature Image


Below are the features that will make you fall in love with WordPress Importer.

  • Manage multiple WordPress projects (WXRs)
  • Import data from several data sources
  • Support for custom posts/fields
  • Preview data before uploading into WordPress
  • Source to Target(WP) fields mapping
  • Split large WXR file into smaller pieces to avoid timeout issues


Download here life-time free version of WP WordPress Importer. Please note that you will need to register the product with a valid license file.

The license key will be sent separately once you buy the product.


To run WordPress Importer, you need to have a valid license file. You can request the license file by sending an email to entering the unique serial key in email body.

You can find your unique serial key by running WordPress Importer. If you’ve not yet imported the license file, the system will prompt you to import the license file. You will see the unique serial key on the same screen.

To activate your copy of WordPress Importer, follow the steps below:

  1. Install WordPress Importer by downloading it
  2. Download sample source and WXR Files from here and keep them in a local folder. (e.g. …\My Documents\WordPress Importer\)
  3. Start WordPress Importer, the missing WordPress (WXR) File dialog appears. Browse to local folder as instructed in step 2 and open WXR File (e.g. Quotes and Versus WordPress (WXR) – Project-02.xml)
  4. Next, the missing License Key dialog appears.
  5. Copy the Serial Code by clicking Copy button and share it with us via email at (Please paste Serial Code while sending an email to help us generate license key for you)

Alternatively, if you are running the software in a trial mode, you can locate your unique serial key from menu Help > License Manager.


In order to run this tool, you should meet the following requirements.

  1. .NET Framework 4.0 or above (Download here: )

Note: WordPress Importer runs on Windows Platforms only but we are working hard to make Linux release soon. Stay tuned for update!


Installing WordPress Importer in Windows is quite easy and you don’t need any additional software for running WordPress Importer. Simply run the setup and start working with WordPress Importer.


Currently the following input file types are supported.

  1. CSV
  2. Excel


To get started with WordPress Importer, you need to have WXR file of your WordPress blog. To download WordPress WXR file of your blog, follow the procedure below.

  1. Login to WordPress admin panel, Go to Tools > Export.
  2. Choose Posts option, and Click Download Export File.

In most cases, you will be interested in fresh content. You can simply download your WordPress blog’s content (WXR) file and get rid of the existing content if any using WordPress Importer. The tool comes with an option to clean the old content from the downloaded WordPress blog’s content (WXR) file so that you can work with the fresh content.


The section describes the file structure and helps you understand how Source-to-Target mapping work in WordPress Importer.

The source file (Excel or CSV) being imported into WordPress Importer must have a header row. As you can see on the below screen, the first row is the header row representing the fields.

excel demo data for wordpress import

Each field highlighted with Green colour is the standard field name prefix with ‘post_’ and linked with the default WordPress fields. Each field name is pretty self-explanatory. Another advantage of using the standard naming for the default WordPress fields is you will not need to map the fields manually every time you import the file into WordPress Importer. The field highlighted in yellow represents the custom field.

You can see on the screen below when importing the source file, the standard fields are mapped automatically and checked by default.

wordpress import field mapping

It’s quite easy to configure custom fields in WordPress Importer. To learn more about how to configure and use custom fields with WordPress Importer, please read the section Configuring Custom Fields later in this article.

Please note that the colour scheme we have used in the Excel sheet is just for understanding purpose and does not have any logic with implementation. The highlighted fields shown the columns we are interested in and rest can be ignored.


The tool helps you generate the data for your WordPress blog in few simple steps. To generate the data for your WordPress blog, you need to have your blog’s WXR file with you as mentioned in the above section. Once you have the WXR file downloaded, simply follow steps below.

  1. Run WordPress Importer, Open WordPress (WXR) project file.
  2. Click Import and browse the source file (Excel, or CSV) to read the content from.
  3. Map source-to-target fields and Click Save.

This will generate a data in your WordPress (WXR) project file.


Mapping is the key part of the WordPress Importer. When generating content from source files, it’s good to have an option of mapping source (CSV/Excel) to target (WP) fields.

With WordPress Importer, mapping is done automatically and you don’t need to map fields manually. However, you have option to update the mapping on screen and choose the columns to be imported.

wordpress import - csv to post field mapping

By default all WordPress default fields are checked but you can uncheck them if you don’t want any of the fields.


Sometime, you may just want to drop an item to your existing content base without importing content from external sources. WordPress Importer comes with a feature to add an item, be it a post or page, directly into the existing list.

Adding an item is quite an easy task. You need fill up the required fields as shown in below screen and click Save. You would see the newly added item in the preview area.

add demo content wordpress


With the preview option of generated data you can view the content on the screen along with the statics on number of records imported from source file.

preview wordpress excel import


You can easily import the content generated using WordPress Importer into your WordPress blog. To import the data generated using WordPress Importer into your WordPress blog, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Login to WordPress admin panel, Go to Tools -> Import. Click WordPress. Choose a WXR (.xml) file to upload, then click Upload file and import.
  2. Select the author of the posts being uploaded and click Submit.


With this option, you can easily switch between multiple WordPress projects (WXRs) giving you the flexibility to work on multiple project at once.

You can easily navigate through the most recently opened WordPress projects (WXRs) from the file menu File > Recent Projects.


The tool has ability to add custom fields to a post and page without writing any code. These custom fields allow you to add more information to your blog post content.

For example, you could use custom fields to add an “Estimated Reading Time” field to article or story, a “Lead” field to projects, or an “Author Link” field to blog post.

You can easily add custom fields under WPCustomFields section of app.config file as shown in the screen below.

configure extra post fields

To add a new custom field for the current session, simply go to menu Tools > WP Fields Config. This will open the popup displaying the list of default WP fields and custom fields added in app.config file.

wordpress importer configure post fields

Click on Add Field button to launch another popup to add custom field for the current session. You can add one or more custom fields from here. Enter Field Name and Field Type, Click Add button and then click Ok.

wordpress excel import custom field


The tool comes with handy feature to split large WXR file into smaller pieces to avoid timeout issues specially when importing the data from large WordPress WXR file. With WXR Splitter, you can split the WXR file into pieces by size or numbers.

wordpress wxr file splitter


You can generate the content from either CSV or Excel source file. You can set the field delimiter from menu Tools > Field Delimiter.

For example, if you are generating content from CSV file then select the option Comma delimited and click Ok. If you are importing the content from the source file which has the field separator other than Tab, Comma, and Semi-Colon, in this case you can set the option Other and specify the field separator char on the textbox.

set field delimiter for wordpress csv import


If you run into any problems with WordPress Importer, you can enable diagnostic logging. This will help us troubleshoot the problem that you may encounter while using the WordPress Importer application.


Below are some sample source and WXR files for your reference.


Version 1.0.00 (04/01/2016)

  • Initial Release

Version 1.1.00 (13/04/2019)

  • Bug Fixes
  • Windows 10 Support

Version 1.1.23 (04/01/2020)

  • Bug Fixes
  • Improvements